Project Name

Toronto Waterfront Discovery Center


Toronto, ON



The waterfront between Parlais Royal and BLVD Club is underutilized and has limited public access to water’s edge. It lacks of public buildings and usable public open spaces. The intention of this design is to provide ease of access to the waterfront, to creates more usable open public spaces for all ages and provide year-round program for entire GTA. All these starts at south end of Roncesvalles Ave. A proposed pedestrian bridge starts at Roncesvalles Ave across over railway tracks and connects the discovery Center at the south end. A glass-clad trapezoid shape marks the entrance that provides vertical access to the lower levels. Visitor can also walk down the tiered terraces to waterfront boardwalk that provides access to the main entrance. Tiered terraces provide playing area for youth and quiet chatting area for elders. They are also perfect places for viewing the sunrise and sunset on Lake Ontario. Boardwalk connects east and west and provides fun for walking and socializing. A treed garden west of the building provides playground for children and cool shade for resting under the summer sun.

The discovery center has two major programs – Ecological System Exhibit and Public amenities. They are physically separated by the central corridor that is located under the roof top walkway. Public amenity includes a roof top restaurant that has panoramic view of the lake and the city. A 300-seat theater acts as presentation center for the exhibit at daytime and a movie theater at night for local residence. Roof terrace outside the theater acts as performance stage that provides place for musical show at summer night. Click on the images for more examples from this Toronto institutional architectural design.

Toronto Institutional Architecture:
Toronto Waterfront Discovery Center